Top 5 Special Pricing

:: All of our most popular items at "can’t say no" prices thru 12/9/05.

The results are in. We’ve tabulated your votes (made every time you make a purchase) and determined that the following 5 items are the most popular items in the KOYONO Store. They all have special pricing through Saturday.

And the winners are:

BlackCoat-T: It’s innovative, high-quality, and eye-catching. The BlackCoat-T is still generating buzz in the blogosphere as new converts seem to discover it everyday. If you, or someone you love, carry gadgets and need a safe and convenient place to keep them, the BlackCoat-T is for you.

Slimmy: The Slimmest Wallet on Earth continues to satisfy three ways: Minimalistic Style, front-pocket safety, and back-saving butte-brick-removal. As long as you aren’t buying for a George Costanza protege, this is the gift for everyone.

BlackCoat-T LS: Baby it’s cold outside and the BlackCoat-T LS long-sleeve version of the BC-T is just the ticket for having a lush layer of high-quality interlock cotton under that Ben Sherman or Joseph Abboud number you want to wear to the Holiday Party.

Sling Pack: That "Don’t Get In My Way" look sported by bike messengers everywhere is popular with our Geniuses, Artists & Innovators. With refined form, durable materials, and a full set of features (we love the iPod© pocket) this bag has been selling fast.

Transtrap: Most of our customers live within a few hundred yards of a subway and none of them want to endure a case of the flu. Wash your hands and NEVER touch that bar on the bus or subway. The Transtrap keeps you standing and a safe distance from the infectious soup that accumulates on public transportation.

" I love your products and your service is phenomenal."
Errol, London (GB)

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