Buy BlackCoat Work Now: Our first Made for iPod jacket

:: Advance purchase of BlackCoat Work, shipping this month.

We are proud to announce that we are now taking orders for our first Made for iPod garment, BlackCoat Work. We previewed this jean jacket/sportcoat hybrid at the CES and MacWorld shows in January and ended up on CNN, in USA Today and hundreds of other newspapers and blogs worldwide. There are two consistent angles to the story: smart fabric controls are cool AND wearable technology isn’t just for geeks anymore.

KOYONO has partnered with Eleksen to put their truly genius technology, ElekTex® into our garments. The ElekTex® controls are washable, foldable, mangleable and more durable than most of the high-performance fabrics we work with. ElekTex is also capable of acting as an interface for anything. Seriously. We’re very excited about the types of innovations we will be able to introduce using this breakthrough technology, but for right now, we’re just using it to fully mimic the controls of our other favorite innovation of the last decade, the iPod®.

We hope by putting this advancement in a jacket that you can wear everyday and at a price most people can afford that in some small way it will inspire great new ideas… while making people look better and enabling a more fluid and discreet way to carry gadgets.

::Two versions of BlackCoat Work to choose from:

BlackCoat Work, Premiere Edition: We are completing a limited edition run of BlackCoat Work in the same high-performance fabric we use for BlackCoat Classic (our Premiere coat) and this coat will be the first one to arrive (our Made for iPod premiere). Like BlackCoat Classic, It is only available in black.

BlackCoat Work: The waterproof stretch cotton version of BlackCoat Work will follow soon after the Premiere edition and will come in both black and Latte.

Smart and Cheeky JIMI Wallet

We are also adding two more wallets to our collection. You might ask, "Why, oh, why more wallets? You already have Slimmy, SlimSlimmy, and SportSlimmy."

Most of the advice you will get from the experts in effectiveness (getting things done) will tell you that learning to be mindful is an important discipline. You need to be as focused on what you don’t do as you are on what you do (Do you have a Don’t Do List next to your To Do List?)

You always need to carry a few things with you. If you aren’t mindful of what is in your wallet you end up with one of those bulging menaces. It is a risk to your health, your safety and it doesn’t represent you as someone who gets things done. If you have just one wallet for every situation then you are always compromising form, fashion, or function. We’d rather not compromise. We hope these wallets help you as much as they help us.

::Two new wallets for common situations:

JIMI, The wallet companion for BlackCoat-T: We’ve been fond of these clever, recycled plastic carrying cases for some time. They slide perfectly in and out of the BlackCoat-T compartments and are entirely waterproof, making them our favorite work-out wallet. Don’t miss the cheeky movie on these pages.

ViewSlimmy, Slimmy wallet with a window: Part of what we love about Slimmy is how it makes it very easy to develop a very smooth reach for your wallet. Once you have a Slimmy, you can smirk at those guys digging into their derrière for that butt brick. The ViewSlimmy makes this smooth wallet kata even better. If you leave your ID against the clear window on the side of this Slimmy you can slide into the club with just a flick of the wrist. Very nicely done.

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