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Close-Out Deals

New mark-downs on AirGo rain coats and Classic vests: GO HERE NOW Vests are $49 for a limited time.

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Wow, what a match. Portugal just beat England in an exciting World Cup showdown. Of course I was the only ONE at Claddagh enjoying the match. Every one, and I mean everyone, around me made comments about how they “hate” … Continue reading

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BlackCoat AirGo Close Out

We have decided to bid adieu to our old friend AirGo. All remaining AirGo carry-everywhere-bacause-it-weighs-less-than-our-coffee-cup rain coats are on sale for only $79.

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10 Faces of Innovation

I recently saw Tom Kelley, General Manager of Ideo, speak here in Cleveland about the 10 faces of Innovation and loved every minute of it. He did a great job of making something as amorphous as innovation easy to understand … Continue reading

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