New Products: JimiX & The Moolah Money Clip

We just added a few new pocket management products to make it easier to manage your cash, credit cards, IDs and the like. As you know, we tend to focus on front pocket wallets and carrying solutions that are slim, minimal and well designed. We know you are going to love the JimiX plastic wonder wallet (same concept as the Jimi, but with a money-belt clip on the back) and Moolah Stainless Steel Money Clip. Both are great everday or extras to help you keep what’s in your front pocket manageable and easy to reach. Buy a Moolha cash clip to use with your Slimmy, or a JimiX to store in your Booq Folee as a “just-in-case” wallet. They are both under $20 and you can save an extra 15% by using coupon code 2015.

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