FREE Branie with a BlackCoat Purchase


Branie is a symbol for innovation and doing things differently. When was the last time anyone attempted to reinvent the belt in beautiful form and great function? It is a challenge almost greater than trying to reinvent chopsticks.

Made in Belgium, Branie is a true fit belt made from an ultra-durable polymer called Hytrel. Mechanically, there is not another belt on the planet more pleasing or easier to use than Branie. It has a 2cm ratchet mechanism so you can let out or snug to your specific need. With the push of a button, the release of Branie is like getting out of a modern seat belt. Function aside, Branie is quite handsome. Whether you want color or classic black to compliment your look, you have a good mix from which to choose.

For a limited time, we are offering a FREE Branie Belt with your purchase of a BlackCoat at 50% off. That’s right! 50% off a BlackCoat and you get a Branie for FREE. Of course, if you want to purchase an extra Branie, we are offering them at an unbelievable low price of $39.

Here is how to take advantage of the deal. After you purchase a BlackCoat at 50% off, go HERE and add a Branie to your order at no additional charge. It’s that easy. One free Branie ONLY with each BlackCoat at 50% off that you purchase.

PS – Slimmy is also on sale!


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