Pocket Rocket Audio + New KOR Water Colors

Introducing Chill Pill Audio speakers and KOR Water bottles in new colors.

If you seem to always want a little more UMPH out of your iPhone, iPod or laptop, then look no further. The Chill PillPocket Rocket Speakers are tiny and really pack a punch.  Sized at just 3.75″ x 2″ this incredible speaker system stows in just about anything, can be taken anywhere, and is unexpectedly resonant!  Check out the video demo and listen for your self.

Just in time for summer, KOR Water released 3 new exciting colors. We are pleased to expand this surprisingly popular water bottle in green, orange and purple color splashes.  This unconventional water bottle has been a hit and it’s no wonder. Intentionally designed to be loved and touched often, it’s sleek elliptical design is not only wonderful to view, it is equally as pleasing to feel.

Be sure be sure to check out the NEW! section.  We did release a new Special Edition View SLIMMY as an afterthought for those minimalists looking for a little twist.  The coupon code works for this new edition, as well.

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