New Foot Soldier AI (Adapt and Improvise)

Foot Soldier Adapt and Improvise Performance T-Shirts

Foot Soldier Adapt and Improvise Performance T-Shirts

We are very excited to bring you two new products for work, play and travel.

Both are designed for the hybrid lifestyles more and more of us lead that require products that unify style and functionality. The first product is a new brand of uncomplicated t-shirts called Foot Soldier AI (Adapt and Improvise).  Go anywhere and do anything with one shirt. These moisture wicking, odor free t-shirts are made from the best performance material we could find.  X-Static is an ingenious material that fuses a nano layer of silver to the fibers, which acts as a natural, non-toxic anti-microbial agent that prevents these shirts from getting “stinky,” even under the most rigorous of conditions.  In addition, Foot Soldier AI incorporates a “smart cut” that provides for the best fit possible.  On your next week long trip take the challenge: you will only need to pack two t-shirts for all around use.  Do more with less and save 17% by using coupon code AI2009.

The second product we are introducing is SportSlimmy ID.  It’s the same great design as the regular SportSlimmy, but also has a clever window for your ID. Whether you are at the gym, in the office or on the road, you have an instant access to your ID and money.  Made for times when you don’t have any front pockets or just can’t stand packing them full of stuff.  Get 30% off until October 10th.

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