A Slim Wallet Bonus

We love most everything slim and know that old habits die hard. Maintaining a slim wallet is both a triumph and a challenge. Once you claim victory over your big fat wallet, not only will you be able to store it safely in your front pocket, you also make room for other important life essentials. There are a lot of great posts out there on how to hack your way down to a super-slim wallet, so we won’t rehash it here.

Now that you have some ideas on getting down to your pocket bare essentials, you can reap the benefits of having a little extra room for other important stuff. While we live in a smart phone world, where we store more and more of life (pictures, music, notes, etc.), it’s still faster to simply write things down on paper that you don’t want to forget.

On-the-go business cards make for a great place to take notes. Unfortunately, we accidentally give them away, (along with our genius thought) or simply misplace them.

Many people also think they will be able to simply recall something they want to remember, only to realize that they wish they had written it down. Let’s face it, life is complicated and trying to hold all that stuff in your head is just another form of clutter that eats away at your creative psyche.

If a man can fit something he needs in his front pocket, he will. The Moleskine Volant extra small is fabulously designed thin and stacks very nicely on top of a Slimmy. With a perfect number of pages (56) there is plenty of room to jot down important ideas and notes for recall. The pages are even perforated so you can rip them out to slim things down even further.

Made to flex, the Moleskine Volant XS stores comfortably and conforms nicely to your pocket. Over time, you will notice some bending on the edges and other wear, but nothing more than general Moleskine wear-and-tear.

Never forget another idea and keep it safely in your front pocket: Moleskine + Slimmy.

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