We are really excited to bring you more Takumi luxury dress shirts, which we think are some of the best fitting and most well made knits on the planet.

In Japanese, Takumi means “skillful and clever.” This could not be a more fitting brand of luxury designer dress shirts for tech savvy, style conscious professionals who want something a little more sophisticated for both business and/or casual occasions.

The Takumi Okori (Origin) is a luxury dress shirt that conveys a more curious mood while projecting quiet confidence in any setting.  This shirt combines an intricate moss green on white Japanese broadcloth with asymmetrical star burst box sets resulting in rich texture and luxury feel.

This masterpiece combines bright electric strips of energy on the finest luxury deep blue mini check stitch cotton found in Japan.  Takumi Roppongi (Foreigner District) is a glimpse into the diverse and eclectic nightlife of Tokyo.

The beauty of the Takumi Shida (Fern) is in the contrasting floral colors and undercuff treatments that combine with a flowerless but feathery fern pattern.  The diversity and irony of nature are carefully combined to create this true summer delight.

The Takumi Yamanote Line captures the essence of ironic Tokyo life by perfectly blending artisan creativity with high-class luxury.  It was inspired by the Yamanote Railway, which is one of Tokyo’s busiest that connects to an ironic array of Japanese society.

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