New Slimmy International and Special Edition Slim Wallets


As a result of feedback from our worldwide beloved customer base, we are pleased to announce the addition of two new Slimmy slim wallet alternatives.

For our international minimalist enthusiasts, we are pleased to introduce the first Slimmy made for international banknotes.  wwSlimmy is made .25″ (6mm) wider to accommodate larger sized Asian and European currencies up to 3.125″ (79mm).  wwSlimmy is made to the same exacting tolerances and premium leather as all Slimmy slim wallets and gets better over time as it breaks in.

We upgraded the Special Edition Slimmy line with a new colorway.  Now you can get Slimmy SE with digital camo lining!  Slimmy SE Military is a tribute to all people taking risk with honor and valor no matter their walk of life.

Last, but not least, we are pleased to announce our partnership with Bongo, which is an optional shipping service for our international customers.  Here is how it works.  Bongo International provides customers that sign up with their very own US address. Once you have a US address, you will be able to make purchases with us as well as other US based online retailers. Bongo receives your purchases and logs them into their online system which you can use to view your items and consolidate them with multiple orders.  Once again, Bongo is optional.  Click here for more details.

Happy Minimalism,

Koyono Innovation and Support Tank

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