A New Year’s Proposition: Bike to Work

Bike to Work 2011


We hope you enjoyed your Holidays and are ready to take on some new things in 2011.  What was your New Year’s resolution? Lose weight. Reduce waste and harm to the environment. Spend less money and save more. What if you could do all three at once?

One way is to bike to work!  While many people have embraced this lifestyle, there are still many who have always wanted to, but have been challenged by the pesky logistics.

Biking to work requires you to be more intentional about your day as you will have to change the way you pack and prepare.  Here are some common obstacles:

  • If I want to stop at the gym on the way, I don’t want to carry sweaty clothes around with me.
  • I don’t like being all hot and sweaty when I get to the office.
  • I have to stop by the grocery store for a few items, but don’t have any more room in my bag.
  • How do I carry everything to get through my day at work? How do I keep it dry?
  • If I have to charge my iPhone or USB device on-the-go, I can’t without my car.

These are all good excuses, and we are sure there are more. Whatever your excuse might be, we want to help you eliminate them and get going to a healthier you, and healthier environment!

In 2011, we are going to focus more of our attention on finding solutions for your bike-to-work needs.  We are very pleased to bring you our first offering of products that make biking to work easier.  Even if you don’t bike to work, we are sure you will achieve a new level of on-the-go style, performance and utility with this collection of bags and accessories.

PS – Here is a blog post on my inspiration to Bike to Work.  If you have one to share, please feel free to e-mail it to me. We would love to feature your story.

Best of luck in 2011!  Bike to Work.

Jay Yoo
Founder and President

Super Cool Bags

We are enamored by the mono bag collection for so many reasons. #1, it is a musician inspired brand, which we are all about.  It’s been a while, but our BlackCoat line was included in several celebrity guest bags at various MTV/VH1 events which pretty much changed everything.  If you want spacious bags geared for gadgets and tech gear that make a modern statement, look no further. Mono bags are made from water repellent materials and are ready for the rigors of biking to work and road warrior travel. Without question,  Mono are some of coolest modern bags on the planet.

There are people who can actually pull off a work day with just an iPad or iPhone.  Kudos!  You are likely running your own show. You would prefer the Incase Field Bag and Messenger Hip Pack, or the  Timbuk2 Transit Mini and Hidden Messenger for your jolly bike ride into the office. The Hidden Messenger doubles as a great extra bag for times when you need added stowage capacity for trips to the grocery store and other errands.

Waterproof Bags

For all those folks biking to work in wet terrain, we understand you cannot take chances when it comes to your precious digital cargo.  One downpour is all it takes and there is no going back. The Branthaven ProStyle SlimPack and Timbuk2 Maverick Swig provide some of the best protection from the wet elements, hands down.

Off the Grid Power

Can’t stand running out of battery power for your Mac, iPhone, iPad or USB gadget? We understand and are excited about backup power you can fit in your pocket.  Introducing the HyperMac Micro and Mini.  These little external batteries pack a punch and will provide critical recharges off-the-grid.  For all those iPhone 4 enthusiasts, we have one of the most  minimal, yet power packed cases on the planet.  The Incase Snap Battery Case provides 900 mAh of power when you need it most. iPad enthusiasts will cherish the HyperMac 40Wh Battery Stand.  It not only provides two view positions for the iPad, it also charges and powers your iPad for 16 hours of use.  Bike to work with peace of mind knowing that you do not have to plug in to power up.

Cool Down and Dry Fast

Cool down fast with Frogg Togg Chilly Pads.  One side of this innovative towel is highly absorbent and the other rapidly evaporates.  You can dry off after biking to work and get cool with one towel.

The Aqua Sphere Travel and Gym towel is a super compact yet highly effective towel you can have with you all the time.  It packs smaller that your fist. Do you really need that big fat towel for two? We think not.

Keep Your Goods Dry

If you bike to work, you will sweat.  How do you keep what is wet from dry? Outdoor Products Dry Sacks are seam sealed and close securely to keep wet from dry stuff.  From soaked t-shirts to towels, you can keep it all separate.  Also, the smallest sized Dry Sack fits the Frogg Togg Chilly Pad and Aqua Sphere towel perfectly.


When you bike anywhere, you lose fluids.  Whether or not you actually need it, it is always a good idea to have water at hand.  We are really excited to bring you the latest in hydration vessels from Kor Water. Now available in two volume sizes (500 and 750 ml), you can carry the perfect amount of fluids to hydrate yourself without the toxins.


Need a place for everything?  Check out the Timbuk2 Shag Bag and Clear Flex Pack. Get as many as you need and compartmentalize to your heart’s desire.

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  1. Steve Peters says:

    Biking to work is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself. I used to be able to get to work on the eastside bike trail here in Portland and I just could not believe how great it was to be riding along all those trees and sunlight – for work!

    At the moment I’m stuck driving in but I will find a way to get rolling again!

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