New Bike to Work Gear: Nutcase, Incase, Vapur and WOWee.


New Bike to Work Gear


We very excited to bring you some new products that make biking to work easy and fun.  We know how awesome it is to untether from your car and bike whenever and wherever possible.  We also understand that it is not easy to make the switch, as biking to work requires one to manage carrying more stuff in a compact and lightweight fashion.  You will appreciate essential new products from PocketToolXVapurWOWee, and Incase and that help with pocket management and digital cargo stowage.

Introducing Nutcase street helmets for cranium protection with style! These by far are the best helmets on the planet and are available in solid colors, as well as those that fall in the “nutty” category.

Many experts predict that gas will go to $5 per gallon by summer, so now is a great time to make the switch to a bike.

See you on the road and thank you for your continued patronage!

Koyono Innovation and Support Tank


Deal Ends 03/15

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