NEW: Slimmy in Bursting Hues and the Ultimate Minimal Suitcase.

Max Mirani Slim Closet Suitcase


We are really pleased to bring you a collection of simple and beautiful carrying solutions from what you put into your pocket to what you need on a plane.

Where have you been all my life? The Max Mirani MOVE is the best minimal suitcase we have ever seen. They have done to the suitcase what the Slimmy did to the wallet, plus more! You can pack more than you think in this space saving design and it turns into two bags should you have overflow from buying things while on your trip. The Max Mirani MOVE has 360 degree movement so you can sneak through tight spaces, as well as pull it from behind for long hauls. Be sure to check out the video to get a sense of MOVE’s full capabilities. You will be amazed. We are honored to be one of the first companies to feature the Max Mirani MOVE.

For those folks who missed out on our Good Luck Slimmy release (sold out in 48 hours!), now is your chance to grab a Special Edition Slimmy Slim Wallet Alternative with a sky blue, safety orange or groovy yellow liner. We only have 50 of each color in stock and expect to sell out quickly. Get them while they last!

Other New Products:

QWSTION Simple Bag: This is a perfect weekend companion when you can leave your laptop behind. You can also take the Simple Bag with you on you next trip as a spare bag. It packs flat and has a small tidy footprint.

Mono Civilian: Weatherproof and expandable, this laptop backpack protects your gear from the elements and has the capacity to grow should you need the space.

MiiR Insulated Bottles Looking for a new water bottle? MiiR Insulated Bottles are perfect for hot and cold beverages beyond water. Available in special edition Black!

Have a great weekend!

Koyono Innovation and Support Tank

Slimmy Slim Wallet Alternative in Bursting new Hues.

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