New Koyono Travel Tees, Rainbow Sandals and Phosphor Watches

New Koyono Travel Tees, Rainbow Sandals and Phosphor Watches


Koyono is launching a new line of apparel for work, working out and travel. All of these new products are being designed under our ethos of helping you “untether” from busy and complex and cross over to a lifestyle that is more simple and easy. With a lot of products in development we thought it was a good time to launch just a few to introduce you to our new line.

Introducing three new Koyono cotton blend t-shirts. We are sure you will find these to be the best you can find in terms of comfort and quality.

UPJ Tee: Combining a relaxed fit with amazing softness. Understanding the hybrid life more and more of us are living, the design of this fabulous tee looks as good (fits right) as it feels. Made from Eco-Hybrid, these premium jerseys make for a fantastic stand alone tee that also double as a super comfortable undershirt.

ULS Tee: The lightest weight and most comfortable t-shirt we offer. Made from a 3.5 oz blend of super fine Supima cotton and eco-friendly Micro Modal, this shirt achieves amazing softness and superior strength compared to other cotton jerseys in its weight class.

USC Tee: Designed for people who like to get their hands dirty and sweat in style. This premier stretch cotton t-shirt is intended for those of us who work and play hard, but can’t stand buying clothes separately for both parts of life.

These new Koyono t-shirts are proudly labeled with our new Nuts and Nipples logo, which expresses our spirit of tinkering and innovation. Taken from the industrial shop terminology for “nuts and bolts”, Nuts and Nipples evokes our enthusiastic desire to try different things that make it easy for customers to untether from job, junk and the need for more (stuff).

Here are other products to help you round out summer and ease you back into the rigors of work:

Phosphor World Time Sport: E INK display with a state-of-the-art buttonless touch lens operation, allowing for a sleek, ultra-modern look, and the ability to change modes with simple finger swipe across the case.

Rainbow Hemp Sandals: Perfect for those of you who prefer natural fibers over leather or synthetics. Made from the most durable natural fiber on the planet, this classic hemp sandal is both lightweight and rugged.

MiiR Stainless Steel Insulated Bottles: MiiR water bottles make great hydration companions and they have a knack for helping you make a statement. What really sets them apart is great design and exceptional functionality.

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