Press Release: Koyono Introduces New X Slimmy®

Smart phone culture inspires uber slim wallet design.

Cleveland, Ohio, September 26, 2012 —The “slimmest wallet on earth” just got slimmer. The popular Slimmy® line of super svelte leather wallets from Koyono now includes the X Slimmy®, a wallet that “x-es out every space-wasting feature” found in a traditional billfolds and trifolds. “Our customers are always on the leading edge of the technology lifestyle”, said Jay Yoo, company Founder and President, “they’re using smart phone apps to store information like insurance data and shopping club membership, making old fashioned paper and plastic cards utterly pointless. Their desire for an even slimmer version of our minimalist design inspired the new X Slimmy.”

The X Slimmy’s uber-minimalist design streamlines life and eliminates pocket bulk. Slide credit cards or driver’s license into interior side slots, and ingenious tension engineering helps hold everything in place. Plenty of room for cash in the center and to expand on the sides as need be. Similar to the original Slimmy design, the X Slimmy has one unstitched side that eliminates the need for folds, providing the easiest way to store and access items.

Incredibly flat and unobtrusive, X Slimmy is designed to feel great—especially in a front pocket. Perfect for stylishly carrying those few items your smart phone hasn’t yet made irrelevant, it is beautifully hand crafted from full-grain, premium USA steer hide.

“We are really excited to bring the X Slimmy to market and are sure it will be a favorite of customers who want to unclutter”, said Yoo, “…we took extra care to deliver both function and beauty. The X-Slimmy patent pending design is further proof that less is definitely more”.

The X Slimmy is available exclusively at

Contact: Jay Yoo | press [at] | 216-373-2659

About Koyono Company

Koyono Company is a purveyor of minimalistic apparel and accessories that help people unclutter without compromising style, performance and utility. Slimmy® was introduced in 2004 by Koyono as the “Slimmest Wallet on Earth” and quickly climbed the charts on as one of the best selling wallets. Since Slimmy’s debut, it has been featured in the New York Times and many other popular style and gadget blogs. It has become a favorite among design and tech enthusiasts who love simple and minimal. Koyono Company is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio.

Koyono® and Slimmy® are registered trademarks of Koyono Company in the United States.

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