Power Grab: Fumoola Dress Shirts, Brunton Solar and Qwstion Bags



We are very pleased to introduce Fumoola Chikara (Power) Dress Shirts made from imported European Queen’s Oxford. These luxury shirts make a surprisingly bold statement.  We’ve taken the ultimate establishment garment and transformed it into a radical expression of your personal style and innate self-confidence.  Fumoola Chikara features Illuminite, a high-power reflective treatment under the English spread collar and cuffs. This striking orange blaze eradicates the need for the tedious, smothering necktie, if that is the way you like to roll. Your individuality is uniquely expressed through the orange glow that is sure to command the attention of all rank and file.  From the tight stitch work and mother of pearl buttons to the careful assembly of 25 separate pieces, no detail is overlooked.  100% Made in USA.

Need even more power?  We have you covered with Brunton on-the-go power products.  You do not need to “plug in” to get power, instead just draw it directly from the sun.  Store it in compact, portable batteries that fit in any bag for use when you need it.

Brunton Solaris 4 USB Foldable Solar Panel: The Brunton Solaris 4 USB is incredibly portable and useful whether you are outdoors, in an urban environment, traveling or commuting to work. Plug your smart phone in for instant power on-the-go!

Combine use with a Brunton Inspire battery pack and juice the battery up during the day so you can have a fully charged, portable backup power at night.

For integrated, compact power you will find the Brunton Restore to be the most efficient.  Flip open the solar panel and begin charging the built-in battery instantly.  It also charges via your computer or car cigarette li

Power Bag: Last, but not least, we brought in some new Qwstion bags and colors. Your power and technology have never been so portable and in style.

Qwstion Bags


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