Great X Slimmy Review!

Check out this fabulous X Slimmy review from an Aussie Slimmy enthusiast:

5 Stars! If you thought the Slimmy was good … February 1, 2013

Reviewer: Andrew Mill from Perth, Western Australia
This is quite simply the best wallet on the planet – at least for me and my needs.

I’ve been a long time user of the original Slimmy wallet and really enjoyed the tiny amount of room that it consumes in my front pocket.

I bought the new X Slimmy because it promised to be slimmer again and it certainly is that. Even better however is the new configuration that provides 2 super slim pockets for cards. These pockets hold cards more securely than the arrangement in a normal Slimmy and yet I can easily carry 5 cards on one side and 8 business cards on the other. I swear this thing is a TARDIS – bigger on the inside than the outside. As with my first Slimmy, the quality is great.

For any Aussies out there – our notes fit perfectly.

If you can slim your plastic down to 5 to 10 cards and don’t need to carry a full 12 months worth of receipts then this really is the best wallet out there.

Andrew, thanks a ton for helping us further the front pocket revolution to oust butt bricks worldwide!

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