New Copper Slimmy in Antique Leather. Flash Sale and more!

Slimmy Copper


We have been preaching the ‘slim wallet’ gospel for nearly ten years and could not be happier with the response from you, our beloved customers. Thank you!  Here are some exciting new updates to our Slimmy line.

While slim is definitely in when it comes to wallets, luxury is timeless. We are really excited to introduce the Slimmy Copper line, which is made from premium antique leather.  Slimmy Copper starts with the very best cut of steer hide as imperfections in the leather permanently show through. Lightly tanned and unwaxed, Slimmy Copper takes on a patina character of its own like a beautifully crafted copper cupola weathering the elements.  Minor scratches rub out with natural hand oil. Over time, the leather will take on darker tones based on how you handle and carry it. It is sure to become an antique to treasure for years and years with proper care.  You are sure to love this timeless gem.

New Slimmy and View Slimmy

New Liner Colors!

We are also pleased to bring you new color liners in the Original, View and X style Slimmy wallets.  All are now available in our three most popular colors Sliver Dust, Bold (Red) and Tan.

New X Slimmy


Accessorize with a little self expression in your front pocket.

Koyono Travel Wear

Travel Light. Travel Right.

Koyono Cargo Fly Pants and Shorts, as well as out XTP Polos are in stock and in limited quantities.  Some sizes are completely sold out!  If you are looking to save precious suitcase space on your next trip, gear up with Koyono travel wear.  Remarkable comfort without cramping your style for just about any occasion or activity.

Koyono Flash Sale!

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