New XC Slimmy and Cha-O-Ha EDC Gear, Plus Free Stuff



Smart Phone culture has digitized and pocket-sized life.  Pictures, music, books, games — even bank and credit data — go with you everywhere, every day.  You may feel ready for just about anything.  With just a few Every Day Cary (EDC) essentials, you’ll be prepared for everything.

XC Slimmy® keeps just a few essentials close and secure, with minimal impact on your pocket.  Ingenious design provides plenty of room for an ID and 4 credit cards in the center with side slots perfect for folded cash, small cards, coins, guitar picks, or whatever you need to meet the day head-on.  Super-compact and beautifully crafted from premium, full grain, USA steer hide, XC Slimmy dials minimalism down to perfection.

Sometimes you need a life-line, but you don’t have to be caught at the end of your rope.  The Cha-O-Ha Survival Bracelet and Key Fob pull apart in moments and extend to about ten feet of tough, nylon cord, capped by a luminous glow bead.  The bead, coated in a non-radioactive, military grade pigment that charges in sunlight, will glow for hours on end, acting as a small tracer to help see you through to the light of day.  Stylish and comfortable, remarkably useful, these items make fine additions to your EDC kit.

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