Fumoola: Beta

We are getting ready to launch a new department on our site called Fumoola™. What the heck is that? Here is the definition:

Fu \’foo\ abbr [Chinese] Man, Master or Blessings, Effort
Fu \’foo\ abbr [Hacker Culture] Skill, Adeptness
Moola or moolah \’m?’l?\ n. [American Slang] Cash, Cashola, Money
Fumoola \’foom?’l?\ n. [Koyono Marketing] Money made from skill and luck.

In Chinese, “Fu” means man or laborer. In this contect Another meaning of “Fu” in Chinese is blessing or effort. Interestingly, people in Hacker Culture use “Fu” as a suffix to refer to skill or expertise. For example, one who is adept at scripting is said to be a master of “script-fu.”

At Koyono, when you combine “Fu” with “Moola” the intended meaning is hard earned money from skill and adeptness. Fumoola is extra money you made that allows you to afford the finer things in life. It’s more or less coincidental that Fumoola can also be interpreted as a certain kind of money that you need to earn to do your own thing; it needs no explanation for those of you running your own gig.

We are launching this beta service for those GAI customers that have “made it” and are looking to spend some of their Fumoola on hard to find apparel and accessories for travel, digital cargo transport and formal occasions when jeans and a t-shirt may not be appropriate. Of course, we will stay true to our minimalist aesthetic.

Foomula™ is a trademark of Koyono Company.

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  1. TimFerris says:

    great idea–now, for the black cashmere blazer, and the topcoat/polo coat

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