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This is one of the best ideas I have heard of in a while. TechShop can be thought of as a country club (perhaps fitness center wold be a better analogy) for Geniuses, Artists and Innovators who have ideas and need to get them past the stage of “idea” or “concept.” Prototyping can be kind of costly, even if it is not a working sample. While stereolithography and rapid prototyping have made things a lot easier and cost effective, if you are someone who “can do things,” tech shop might be for you. For $100/month or $1,100/year, you can become a member of and have access to a 15,000 square foot workshop with a range of tools and equipment for machining, sheet metal work, welding, casting, laser cutting, rapid prototyping, CAD/CNC, composite work, and much more. Of course, the best part about TechShop is the community of like minded tinkerers. For areas like Cleveland, OH, that are challenged with figuring out their future, this could be a low cost, ground level activity to spark some innovation and future economic development.

Great stuff!

via Guy Kawasaki’s Blog

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