BlackCoat Classic Redux: Made for iPad


I am extremely pleased to introduce BlackCoat Classic Redux! Based on popular demand, we are bringing back the coat that gave Koyono its start.

The BlackCoat Classic revolutionized the idea of what a modern travel coat should be. Although it was designed over 10 years ago, the forward thinking, yet timeless design of the BlackCoat Classic proves that it is still the very best travel coat on the planet. Updated with a better fit (slimmer), higher performance materials and masterful needle work, we are sure you will fall in love again with the promise of the BlackCoat Classic’s any occasion, anywhere in the World versatility.

BlackCoat Classic’s distinctively clean appearance, 3-in1 hybrid design and 14 compartments of varying size make it perfect for a wide range of business, casual and adventure activities.

Over 10 years ago we envisioned an eventual convergence of technologies that would lead to smaller and thinner gadget designs. The original pocket system we designed was as perfect then as it is now. BlackCoat Classic’s Big Pocket almost seems to have been specifically designed for the iPad! Leave your bag behind for short commutes and light travel and know that your iPad is secure.

We are bringing in a limited supply of BlackCoat Classics and wanted to give you, our loyal customers, a chance to reserve yours. Pre-order now and save 25%. Be sure to use coupon code BCCREDUX when placing your order. This deal ends October 24th.

Thank you for your continued patronage and support!



Jay Yoo


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