The Square Bottle by Apple Engineers. Slim Bags by Crumpler. Save 50% on accessories and more


What’s New: We are very pleased to introduce the Square Clean Bottle designed by former Apple engineers. It is a water bottle reimagined that unscrews at both ends for easy cleaning. Square sports an iconic design that will not roll away and fits in standard cup holders making it great for travel. Finally, a metal water bottle that will not leave an unpleasant metallic aftertaste. These are the most innovative water bottles on the planet and are just now hitting the market. Get yours today!



Moving forward we are going to focus on finding the best small and slim carry laptop bags on the planet. There are a lot of bags to choose from out there and we feel the market is being underserved when it comes to focusing on bags for minimalists. We know many of you are looking for an Every Day Carry bag that is like a Slimmy wallet: One that forces you to carry only what you need.

Introducing Small Carry Bags by Crumpler. We sifted through their offering and found the best minimalist laptop messenger bags, backpack and small auxiliary bags they offer. All Crumpler bags are made from ultra durable materials, and constructed with reinforced seams and stitching on all stress points. That’s why they come with a lifetime guarantee.

Keep it simple. Keep it slim. Check out the Crumpler lineup.


We are having a HUGE sale on accessories and Koyono branded clothing to make room for more new Every Day Carry products!¬† Some of the deals are insane: Gorilla Pods for $9.99, iPhone Cases for $4.99, Nutcase Helmets for $19.99 and Koyono Fly Shorts for $35! Don’t miss out, as there is limited quantity on several items.

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