Koyono + Amazon

Slimmy sales are going very well, particularly after we decided to have Amazon.com fulfill and service the Slimmy.  Now that Amazon orders are shipped through another fulfillment center, we are able to better manage inventory, resulting in faster deliveries and overall better service.

Koyono has also worked closely with our manufacturer to make sure there is a steady flow of Slimmy shipments on a regular basis, so there are fewer stockouts, which we had from time to time in the past.  This always caused huge headaches for us and customers.  While no business is perfect and unexpected events happen, these improvements are making a big difference in our ability to service you – our customers.

Check out Koyono ratings on Amazon.  They have really improved over the last few months, as a result of the above changes in our operations.

Thank you!

Jay Yoo

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