Summer Style-Performance-Utility. 15 New Products and Big Sales!


We pulled together some new products to round out a great summer we hope you all are having.  “Style, Performance and Utility” has been the product mantra of Koyono for quite some time.  We certainly know that summer is especially challenging for individuals with both minimalist tendencies and design centric cravings.  From face to foot, we put together some products we thought you might enjoy to get the most out of these last care-free summer days to unwind the mind and enjoy some R&R.  Thinking forward, they also make for fantastic travel accessories when it’s time to get back to our professional and productive lives.


We love t-shirts as they are they are the everyday staple-wear of summer, but also essential when packing for the various environments of travel.  From office-to-beach-to-gym, we have you covered with three great fitting and looking Foot Soldier T-Shirts in new colors and style.  Pack less and do more.  Foot Soldier t-shirts are made simple and fashion-free (they go with just about anything).  Also, we are introducing three great sandals from Cobian that range from ironic and casual to something premier that the boldest of you could pull off wearing to your next board meeting.


When it’s warm, we wear less.  When we wear less, there are less pockets to carry and protect all our stuff.  We think OtterBox got it right with small, waterproof gadget boxes you can bring to the beach or on your next trip.  Made to be leak tight 100 feet below water, OtterBox is great to have with you on a boat or at the beach.  They also can be used to protect valuables when traveling for business.  What’s more is that under $20, they are quite affordable.


We are very excited about the In Your Face iPhone and iPod Touch mount.  It is one of those products you did not know you needed until you try it.  This cleverly designed stand holds your iPhone/iPod securely with or without a case and clamps sturdily to just about anything.  You can enjoy having your iPhone/iPod close to your face for immediate accessibility, as well as improved audio for the speaker phone or music.

Last, but not least, we think those clutter-free fanatics out there will really like Cable Clip cord managers from Bluelounge.  From iPhone headsets to power cords, the Cable Clips allow you to neatly “untangle the dangle” whether you are at your desk or on-the-go.

Hope you are having a great summer!

Koyono Innovation and Support Tank

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    too bad there is no discount coupon for the wallets 🙂

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    Hi. Thanks for the comment. In order to get discounts, you have to be on our e-mail list. You can sign up at

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