Slimmy Review: Top of the line, you wont find better elsewhere

Here is a great Slimmy wallet review we received.

Bought my first Koyono Slimmy in October 2006. Have abused the living daylights out of it… 100+ degree days in the car, through the wash a few times, regularly dropped on dirty gritty pavement, and so on. I finally decided to get a new one for no reason other than wanting a different color. The stitching in the first wallet was impeccable. Not a single loose thread over the 6+ years of ownership. Its a wallet that has outlasted all others I’ve had in my life. Looking forward to this new one offering me the same pleasure. Of course new leather must stretch and give some, so the content of my old one doesnt quite yet fit… but I know it will in time. 10 stars for this product.

Joshua Z

Thank you! ¬†Stay tuned, we have a lot more things in the mix…

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